Let's Talk: Faith & Justice

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Elizabeth Grady-Harper & Ivy Long

03 April 2024

45m 57s

The Intersectionality of Healthcare and Poverty



Poverty can have indirect implications for health. Race-based economic disadvantages can influence other social determinants as the intersection with poverty can further limit housing, educational, and employment opportunities, and these have also been linked to worse health outcomes (National Institutes of Health).

Brenda Tsuchiya is the Medical Director of Primary Care at Family Health Center in Worcester. In this podcast episode Brenda shares about her journey to her current position, the challenges the patients at the health center serves and how poverty makes it all harder. In this time we learned more about why community health centers are so important, the vital role they play in vulnerable communities, and the brokenness of the healthcare system here in the United States. We hope that you too will learn more on the intersectionalities of healthcare and poverty by tuning in to this episode today!